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   Old Man of Storr, Isle of SkyeOld Man of Storr, Isle of Skye





Doing Photography in the beginning

was striving for perfection

following a scheme, some strange

competition for the „better“

Just like adolescence

I quickly reached a point where control and

knowledge did not satisfy

Yet I was driven

That changed when I visited Scotland














Visiting  Scotland was like being drawn for the first time.

The rare LIGHT amidst the rain, the mist, the storm and the gaunt

landscape changed my perspective completely.

It was like seeing for the first time at all.




















This Light's force wounds me amazingly. It uncovers the darkness in me.

I love  to see the light dancing with darkness,

makes me forget a life of hurry and striving .

Scotland tempts me to be one with my shadowself.













„..and if we are honest,

we are all powerless

in the presence

of full Reality.“

Richard Rohr

























is light

is beauty

for without darkness

what would mere light be?



Applecross BeachApplecross Beach


























Quiraing, Isle of SkyeQuiraing, Isle of Skye


























Almost all photos like

these panoramas


come out of the

camera, they need

further treatment. I

try to reach athentic

results without

manipulation. But

maybe this is just

theory ;).